Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do the abbreviations FSA, NRCS, WRP, CREP and CRP stand for?
A: FSA stands for Farm Service Agency.
NRCS stands for Natural Resource Conservation Service.
WRP stands for Wetland Reserve Program.
CREP stands for Conservation Reserve Enhanced Program.
CRP stands for Conservation Reserve Program.
To find out more about these programs click on the links above.

Q: What time of the year should I order my tree seedlings for my conservation practice and when should they be planted?
A: The seedlings can be ordered at anytime. Your District Forester will give you a list of species and numbers to be planted. Planting can start as soon as spring thaw out occurs, and it can continue through May 15th.

Q: What does it cost to get my timber appraised?
A: Cost differs on a case by case situation depending on the acres of the timber and the number of board feet of mature logs. If you want us to handle the sale of your timber we charge a percent of the sale price and the appraisal is free.

Q: What kind of food plot mixtures do you have?
A: We have several different kinds very similar to name brand mixes, but without the advertising cost. You tell us which mix you want and we will provide it at a much lower price.

Q: Do you guarantee your tree planting and herbicide application?
A: We guarantee our tree planting and herbicide application to meet and be approved by your District Forester. This approval means that the job was done correctly with viable seedlings that meet specifications. After that it is up to Mother Nature.

Q: What chemicals do you use to spray our tree seedlings?
A: The chemicals we use are regulated by the Department of Agriculture and they require current pesticide applicators license to apply the herbicide. We are licensed by the Department of Ag and can apply the herbicides.

Q: When should ornamental trees be planted?
A: Ornamental trees can be planted in the late fall after the trees have gone dormant or in early spring up until approximately May 1st depending upon the spring weather.

Q: How big are the ornamental trees?
A: Depending on species our ornamental and shade trees range from three feet to eight feet. All of them are bare root so they are easy to handle. No heavy equipment is needed to plant them.

Q: Do you have good references?
A: There are many people you can talk to that will account for our quality of work. We can fax or mail you a list of references. For more references or questions feel free to contact our office at (217) 584-1125 or e-mail us at